Maschinenraum X Over & Out w/ Kondaktor & Miltiades

„The other proceeds by dryness and sobriety, a willed poverty, pushing deterritorialization to such an extreme that nothing remains but intensities.“

Whilst the dance music scene keeps focusing on its hubs in Berlin and London, the cutting-edge and idiosyncratic often develops at the margins. (Post-)Crisis Athens saw a rise not just of independent filmmakers, but music producers and labels. We are happy & proud to introduce to you two of Greek underground’s most inspiring artists at DasWerk: Kondaktor and Miltiades!

KONDAKTOR [Modal Analysis / Further Records]

A household name in the Athenian electronic scene and a co-founder of the experimental/techno label “Modal Analysis”, Kondaktor has been playing music as a DJ for over a decade. His DJ sets vary from deep techno and dark soundscapes to funky beats and Chicago house tunes. In 2012 he debuted as a producer for Seattle’s “Further Records”. At the same time, he is part of the production team that organizes the Fasma Festival in Greece.

MILTIADES [Templeyard Studios / Echovolt Records]

The sound of Miltiades ranges between house and techno music. Characterized by melancholic elements, while the influence of the Detroit scene is present. The first release, “EPK.X”, was the one that made him known in the international music scene. As a DJ he has worked with clubs abroad, including the DHM and Griessmuehle (Berlin), Batofar (Paris), BOOTLEG (Bordeaux). His music has been released in labels such as: Echovolt, Synapsis Records, Freebeat, Nous, Bliq.


Kondaktor [Modal Analysis / Further Records]
Mushroom [MR]
Pozek [MR]


Miltiades [Templeyard Studios / Echovolt Records]
PolyXeni [Over&Out]
Stuwer [Over&Out / MR]
Rufus [aufderflug / Over&Out]

Chris Schüller

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